Terms and Conditions


We run a 'simplified' contract with our clients. Each project is quoted prior to commencement and an invoice is raised for 50% of the total as a deposit. By making payment of the initial payment a 'simplified'' contract is formed between the company 'Chas Alexander' and the client. Any amendments to the original brief will be agreed between both parties in writing via email and additional costings, if appropriate, will also be agreed at the same time and the quote amended accordingly. This will be reflected on the final invoice. Unless the changes are extensive no further deposit will be required.


In the case of monthly agreed fees for shopping carts, the first monthly payment forms the contract between the company 'Chas Alexander' and the client.


This ensures that you will be invoiced for the agreed amount on completion of the project. The balance of the web design or design project is due on completion.


We supply three initial designs for discussion, with the aim of developing a design the client is completely happy with prior to construction of the full web site. By commissioning these three initial designs and further developments the client accepts that any cancellation will result in an invoice being raised for a minimum of 25% of the agreed price to cover our time and expenses. Cancellation must be made in writing via email. Where initial designs are supplied on a pitch basis we reserve the right to remove all content after 15 days if we have not heard from the client within that time. Designs may be modified and be used for other pitch work without notice.


Agreed monthly maintenance payments for web site maintenance and search engine optimisation work are due on 1st day of each month in advance. We reserve the right to remove content from sites if accounts are not cleared within a reasonable period of time and post a holding page stating 'site under construction' Your email may also be disabled.


Copyright 2014

For graphics and other artwork, copyright of all work produced is passed to the client on receipt of full payment. This means you do not have to pay royalties for using either the same artwork or photography again. Of course if you need amended artwork for example a different size or format, a new project is commenced and again a new quote is supplied. If the work is used elsewhere other than by the company commissioning the work, written permission must be sought and full credit given to chasalexander.com. A fee may also be payable.


In the case of web sites, once payment is made in full, copyright of both design and coding is passed to the client on completion of one full year, being 12 months from the completion of the initial project (which is usually regarded as the date of final payment).


We aim to provide a very open and honest service for all our clients and trust that you find these terms and conditions acceptable.


Legal terminology for a simple contract

A simple contract in legal terminology is an oral or written agreement made by two parties. This is never a legally recorded or officially sealed contract, but breeches are still often ruled on by a judge in court. A breech of contract means that one of the parties ignored one or more terms in the agreement — at least in the opinion of the other party. A judge rules whether the contract was indeed breeched and may award damages. Oral contracts are difficult to prove, however, since the judge may have only the contrasting testimony of the two parties and no other evidence on which to make a fair decision; for this reason, courts encourage a written simple contract.

It's advisable for everyone to always have a contract in writing for any type of agreement or promise. Otherwise, the other party may unintentionally or intentionally deny the specifics of the agreement in order not to have to adhere to the contract for whatever reason.

Clients are asked to confirm via email that they have read and understand the terms of this simple contract before asking us to proceed with the work.