Our skills

We have a range of skills gained from our experiences both in the London Advertising industry and working in-house for clients in the pharmaceuticals and agricultural industry. Over the years we have been involved in national press campaigns, main stream television and film advertising, illustration work for the film and video markets as well as designing web sites.

Hand Coded or 'state-of-the-art' Content Management Systems

Five years ago designing a web site was very simple. Purchase a copy of Dreamweaver or Front Page and as long as you understood the program, putting a web site together was quick and easy. These days with programs such as Joomla, Wordpress and Drupal, life can get a lot more complicated. To begin with all of these new platforms need to be uploaded to a web server and constantly updated. Rather than being a simple design job, the projects can turn into a constant battle to ensure that the correct security updates are applied as and when they become available.

This site was hand coded because sometimes it's an easier and more cost effective method than installing programs like Joomla and Drupal on to servers and the constant maintenance. But even the simplest of sites can be just as effective at portraying the message as a more complicated content management system. What really counts is the coding behind the page. Of course some sites warrant the use of programs such as Joomla or Drupal, but in many cases it would be over-kill.

If the search engines require information in order to crawl the pages, then that information is essential. Regardless of the programs used and regardless of the size of the client, you will find all of the sites listed in the portfolio follow this basic principle.

We are currently designing several new sites in Joomla and Drupal as well as creating another in Wordpress. These content management sites will allow users to add comments on to forums, and make comments against articles. In some cases certain pages will be available to members, whilst others are locked unless the user becomes a member of the site.

Using open source programs not only provides the facility to keep costs down to a minimum, but also means that when we discover new ways to produce the work, we are not restricted to finding the budgets for implementation. The Linux environment, means we are constantly updating software to keep pace with developments as they happen, without the costs associated with similar developments on Windows or Mac.

Everything from newspaper adverts to four colour brochures.

We can offer an excellent service in anything from newspaper and magazine adverts to four colour brochures and booklets.

There are no hidden costs in print work, you will be charged for the design work, and print management time. If you do not have a regular printer already, we will recommend one to you so that you can be invoiced directly and so be sure of no added charge.

We can create brochure artwork including photo manipulation, map work and designing logos very quickly and easily. Call us if you would like a quotation for your next project. We'll happily take the work up to print ready stage and then help you find a suitable printer, so you only pay the actual costs of the work, rather than paying extra commissions. If we liaise with the printer on your behalf, however, we do charge for our time.

A series of corporate adverts for banks Sails Limited. designed to match the style of their existing web site

Marketing comes in many forms, depending on your requirements. Some we can work with you charging simply for our time, as we guide you to create the publicity for yourself. Press releases achieve better results if you are also placing a paid for advert in a publication, but can produce amazing results when you have a new product or project to promote. Copy writing your press release is another service that is offered. If you are new to using printed media to promote your business you may not have thought through which magazines and newspapers will work best for you. We can create a media plan working within your budgets, recommending suitable publications for your business. We have worked with some of our clients when promoting a new product, to organise not just the press releases, photographs and promotional work, but to get journalists to their show case. Whatever your marketing needs, we are happy to discuss and offer you our suggestions.


There are numerous open source carts available online. However, some are a lot more user friendly than others. But whatever the choice of software, whether that's something we purchase under license, or make use of the open source products, the client is kept up to date at every stage of the process.

Shopping Carts tend to be projects that are undertaken on an on-going basis at least for the first year and you will be invoiced at a set amount per month which is agreed before work commences. Training to update the cart yourself is also available and of course we are just a phone call away if you discover areas where you need more help.

We can provide one click installs for Open Cart, Tomato, OS Commerce and Drupal. Each one contains all the connectivity to payment systems used within the UK and many now provide the facility to offer goods in Sterling and Euros as well as virtually every other currency including Dollars.

Pricing greatly depends on the number of products being listed and whether photography is required. Obviously if you already have product images that greatly reduces the time spent on the development .

A collection of on-going shopping carts for a variety of new clients in 2014